Monday, October 15, 2007

A New Haven

I have a few places in my house now that I've been trying to create as "havens." I like to read, and usually the only place that's clean is my living room. I spent about a week cleaning up one room downstairs, and now that I have a nice leather chair in there, I really enjoy the room. I've been spending most of my free evenings for the past week or so in there, listening to some nice tunes and reading or surfing the net.

I just finished giving my bedroom a really good tidying up, and I hauled one of the club chairs I just bought up into a nook I have in my bedroom. I think I'm going to enjoy being here as well. My hope is that I'm creating spaces where I want to be, spaces that I really want to keep clean. When I pick up my new furniture for the bedroom later this week, I think my bedroom will finally be a room that feels like mine, rather than a dorm room in college. I think cleanliness will follow. (We'll check in again in six months to see).

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