Sunday, December 23, 2007

Crazy Chocolate Man

I'm chocolated out! I think this will be the last time I do such an ambitious project in such a short amount of time. I figure I've put about 40 hours or so into these chocolates and candies. Don't get me wrong--it's been fun, but I don't want to see chocolate or sugar again for a long time!

Here's the final tally:

  • Peppermint Stick Bark
  • Oreo White Chocolate Peppermint Bark
  • Homemade Toffee Brittle Milk Chocolate Bark
  • Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean Milk Chocolate Bark
  • Dried Cherry Pecan White Chocolate Bark
  • Malted White Chocolate Ganache Truffle, wrapped in homemade brittle and dipped in milk chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffles
  • Irish Cream Milk Chocolate Truffles, dipped in milk chocolate
  • Coconut Grand Marnier Truffles
  • Almond Rochers
  • Gelees: Pomegranate, Blackberry, Passion Fruit, Guanabana, Sour Cherry, Blueberry/Orange
  • Caramels
And I had plans for peppermint patties and another candy too. I guess you can say that I don't do things half-heartedly. At least that's the positive spin I'm going to go with. You could say I'm neurotic or obsessed, and a bit crazy, and you wouldn't be too far off the mark either. I'm going with passionately crazy.

Word to the wise: avoid my kitchen for the next week. It might take me that long to clear it of the detritus.

Pictures of everything will be forthcoming tomorrow.

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paul said...

Well done, Mr. Wonka. I say,well done!