Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Joshua Radin

I think so far my favorite find on Pandora is Joshua Radin. He's just been around a year or two, and his first album, We Were Here, was released last year. He was an amateur musician, but a friend of his was such a fan, he helped him gain nationwide notoriety by getting one of his pieces put into the soundtrack of the TV show Scrubs. I suppose it's handy having a friend who's an actor. Apparently the viewers liked the tune so much, they clamored for more and a new recording artist was created.

I bought one of the tunes, Closer, and listened to it many times over. I finally stopped at Best Buy the other day and picked up his disc. It's rare that I find a CD where I like every tune, but this is it. I think if I were a singer, this is they type of music I would want to make. Joshua Radin I think has catapulted to the place of being my favorite artist. It's music that finds me grinning from ear to ear on a regular basis.

I highly recommend buying the CD.

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