Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Almost in business...

I just received a package today in the mail of texture transfer sheets for chocolate. Late last week I also received some cocoa butter transfer sheets with designs that I can transfer to my chocolates for the charity auction, as well as something called "luster dust" which you can add to make your chocolates pop. All I'm waiting on now is the tempering machine. I called the company where I ordered it from and if all goes well, it will be winging it's way to me on Thursday, with a hoped for arrival on Monday. I have Tuesday off from work, so that would be perfect timing to begin my week of being Willy Wonka.

I keep changing my mind on what kinds of chocolates to make. Any chance I get I sample really good chocolates to learn about what kinds I like. I was at the mall the other day and stopped at Godiva. One of the chocolates I bought featured marzipan dipped in dark chocolate. That was incredibly tasty! This appeals to me for several reasons. Though I would have to make the marzipan from scratch, which is a bit of work, once that's done it's simple. You cut out the marzipan using cookie cutters, and then all you need to do is dip them in tempered chocolate and you're done. They're automatically uniform because of using a cutter, so there's no tedious work to be done ensuring they're all cut the proper way. Besides, that was one of the tastiest chocolates I've ever eaten. My new cookbook from the CIA has a recipe for port wine marzipan, and I think I will use this, though with raspberry port wine. Raspberry, marzipan and dark chocolate...I don't think you can go wrong.

The one chocolate that isn't up for debate is my Irish Cream creation. I'm also going to be making the toffee bark again, because that's very easy to make and will go a long way at the sampling table. I'm still thinking the fourth will be milk chocolate covered caramels because I've had a few requests for them from my west side and Ada friends.

I think that should be enough. I'm just debating what shape and designs to do for each.

I really want to have a lot of "wow" factor for these things, and just so long as I get the tempering machine in time, I hope that will be easy to do.

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