Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Excerpt

From the introduction of Chocolates & Confections, by Peter Greweling:

Artisan confections will never replace mass-produced candies in the marketplace, nor should they; instead, they will remain a niche market for those who are passionate about freshness, quality, and flavor. It is my hope that this book will fuel the artisan confectionery revolution by helping people who share this passion to understand and create confections that truly provide a feast for all the senses: the sight of perfectly tempered chocolate or beautifully striped handmade hard candies; the scent of chocolate, freshly roasted nuts, and caramel; the feel of chocolate melting in the mouth; the sound of crisp toffee cracking; and, of course, the taste of freshly made confections made with the best-quality natural ingredients.

Sounds great to me! Where do I sign up?


Sherry C said...

Hey, my son's 5th grade class is reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now and as part of a class project, he has to write to a chocolatier and ask if they have any brochures or other information they could send about the process of chocolate making and possibly even a few samples. Any reason I should have him drop you a line?

I'm sure that becoming known among the fifth graders in rural western Montana could really put a jump start on your new career.

Dan said...

Well, I'd feel a bit like a charlatan at this stage in the game...but let's see how these chocolates turn out when I get this new machine. I'm hoping to be a chocolatier for the week before our charity auction on February 10. Maybe I'll even have some leftover samples...