Monday, January 28, 2008

Good news!

My next door neighbor was diagnosed with lung cancer this summer. Her doctor told her she had a year and a half to live, at the very most, and that she would never go into remission. She had to stop chemotherapy about a month or so ago because her body simply couldn't take it.

She just had a CAT scan to see how far the cancer had progressed since stopping chemo, and to the doctor's surprise, he couldn't find any sign of cancer. She's in remission and she feels like a million bucks.

As she said, it's a miracle. She wants my brother to keep praying for her though, so keep Diane on your list, will ya Steve? She took great comfort that a mass was said on her behalf.

Miracles still happen!


Dan said...

Can I get an amen, or someone wearing a PTL button, or something? This is worth singing the Hallelujah Chorus, don't ya think?

Scott Lyons said...


Excellent news, Dan.