Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Little Media Time

So I'm going to on the radio tomorrow and Monday night apparently. I did a featured performance with a college band earlier this year, along with a fellow trumpet player. The local NPR station does compilations of performances and I just found out I'll be on the air.

If you're curious what I sound like after all these years, you can listen in here. I'm the first one on the program and it will air Sunday at 3:00 and Monday night at 8:00. Kind of fun. I'm going to try and record the streaming audio and I might put it up on my blog.

I also recorded a little TV spot yesterday for the charity auction we're doing. It was fun and the interns working the studio made it fun to do. It will air for the next two weeks a couple of times a day on the cable access channel. It went pretty well, but when I had to say a website, I tripped over the third "w" in "www." I don't think anyone's going to see it anyway, but it was fun to ham it up in front of the camera. I think Torey, Dave and I will be having a debut party and watch it when it shows up, and I'm sure I'll bring a snack of some sort. I tend to do that, and a three minute blurb on TV is no exception. Any excuse for bringing something to munch on, don't you think?

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