Tuesday, January 22, 2008


It's been a really long time since I've had a snow day. It was 30 years ago yesterday that Michigan had one of it's worst blizzards, the Blizzard of 1978. I still remember that amazing snowfall, and of course being a seven year old kid and not having to go to school was absolute bliss! It's a rare thing for the symphony to cancel a concert or a rehearsal. Symphony managements tend to have the same view as the postal service.

Schools are more apt to cancel than a symphony will, and when you have a concert scheduled at a school on a wintry, snowy, blustery day, then it's possible for the stars to align in such a way that I get to have a snow day. I got a call at 7:00 this morning from my personnel manager saying that today was such a day. Giddy up!

Check this out: my brass quintet does children's shows about eight times a year. The last one we did was in early November and the next one we're doing is in March. Today's hit just right. I get to stay home and sleep in! Granted we'll have to make them up, but that's OK since we feel that these concerts are important. It's worth it to have to reschedule just so we can have the pleasure of being a kid again and getting to stay home from school.

I'm turning off the computer, hitting the light and staying in bed for another hour.

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