Monday, March 17, 2008

Tightening the purse strings

So Sunday night I thought I would login to my bank to confirm how much I knew was in the bank account. As happens to all of us who aren't dutiful checkbook balancers, I was shocked to find much less than I was planning on. When that happens from time to time, I'm always convinced I need to look for some sort of fraudulent purchases, but without fail when I start looking I remember every purchase. Isn't it amazing how quickly five bucks here and there adds up?

I'll be fine...if I completely put the brakes on any more purchases for the next week and a half before the next paycheck comes around. As a way to do that, I'm going to view it as a challenge to use every ounce of food that's already in my house. Here's my goal: I'm going to try to eat for less than $10 until my next pay check, and if I can keep the momentum going, I want to put a freeze on spending on anything other than gas and utilities until the pay check after that. I'm convinced I can do it, and I'll be able to clear out the freezer while I'm at it. I don't think I'll be eating like a pauper either, and thinking about it has got the creative juices flowing. I've got a pork shoulder in the deep freeze just waiting to be put in the crockpot with some hard cider and seasonings. I've got plenty of BBQ sauce to make some tasty pulled pork. (I think I'll roast it on high high for about a half hour first to get some nice crusty stuff outside first...if I've got enough charcoal, I might even grill it to get some smokiness in it before popping it into the crockpot.) I even found a frozen duck in there too, so that's eating high on the hog! I've got some frozen seafood and broccoli, though I fear the latter has gotten freezer burned. I've got plenty of frozen chicken too, plus enough cheese to make the four cheese pasta dish that I made for Torey and Alison and Co. That's enough to feed an army, so making that should last me for at least eight meals or so.

It's high time I used these up anyway. It's easy for me to let stuff in the freezer go south before I can use it. I encourage you all to follow my lead--dig deep and see what's lurking there, ready to be dinner tomorrow.


Dan said...

This post reminds me of a quote from Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird. After she had sent a manuscript to her editor, the editor sent a short note saying the Lamott had a problem: she seemed to believe that everything that happened to her must be interesting to a reader. He assured her that wasn't the case.

I hope you, dear reader, enjoy reading about my currently meager bank account and the fact that I have a frozen duck in my possession.

alison said...

Oh, I'm what night you're making it. The Eastsiders might need to plan a Westside drive-by.