Thursday, April 17, 2008

Prayer Requests

Some of my dearest friends are going through some difficult times. Alison's daughter, Lydia, had an operation tonight to remove her appendix due to appendicitis. Please pray that her recovery will go smoothly and that all will be well.

Scott's son is also having surgery on his finger tomorrow morning to discover whether or not his tendons are OK or not, as the result of an accident. Please pray that his fingers will be fine, and that Scott and the entire family will have peace about it, including grace extended over the accident.


paul said...

Thank you, Dan. Lydia's unexpected surgery went very last night - she's relaxing & recovering well this morning. And thank you to everyone who is praying for her and us.

Scott Lyons said...

Thank you for your prayers and for sharing this request, Dan. The boy is much better and has a checkup on Thursday - everything looks good at the moment. The hand surgeon's stitches look much less Frankenstein than the ER's stitches - granted, they had a sleeping boy to work on and not one who was screaming. I would imagine that makes some difference.