Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Late Night Writing

Well, it's about 1:15 and I've been writing for almost three hours.  I'm working on numerous chapters at a time, as my thinking develops.  Tonight though I'd say I'm beginning to see one chapter really start to find its shape, and I seem to be reading and finding all of the right stuff to include.  That's my prayer:  that I would read what I'm supposed to read, and include what I'm supposed to include, and that I would be attentive to what God desires me to say in this book.  I have peace about it too.  I think about what I need to write all the time, and often realize that I've forgotten much of what I thought about by the time I finally come back to the computer.  But I trust in God that if I'm suppose to write it, it will come to me in some shape or form.  Though I do think I need to have a small notebook with me all the time, for jotting things down that pop in unexpected.

I'm finding the writing of Thomas Merton to be invaluable, and in many ways, his writing will be one of the cornerstones on which I'm building this book.  Lewis' writing is going to figure prominently, along with Viktor Frankl's Man's Search for Meaning.

It's a fun challenge, that at times is hard, but also at times is exhilarating, like tonight.

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