Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A New Pandora Recommendation

I just discovered the singer Alison Sudol who is a young twenty-something daughter of English teachers, a lover of C.S. Lewis, Lewis Caroll and fairy tales, with an incredibly haunting voice. Her artist name is A Fine Frenzy, taken from A Midsummer's Night's Dream by Shakespeare.  With that kind of pedigree, no wonder I took to her music right away.  


Patty said...

Just landed at your site, and for some reason you got me to download this CD ... so we'll see if I like it!

I haven't had much time to read your entries so maybe you can fill me in; what do you play? So curious!

Hope you don't mind this comment ... I found your site because you blogged about classical music and google alerts me when someone uses "classical music" in a blog entry. I'm nosey that way.

Oh ... and I'm professional oboist. So I enjoy reading blogs about what I do. (I'm self-centered that way, I guess.)

Dan said...

Hi Patty--thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the CD. It's definitely poppy, but I like a little break from Classical music now and again. If you do dig into my blog, you'll see that I chose Theme and Variations intentionally--sometimes it's about music, but most often it's about life, friends, family and food. Emphasis on the "variations." I don't blog often about my job as an orchestra player, but sometimes I have to vent! I sit in the back row, in the low brass section by the way.