Friday, July 18, 2008


So I booked a car reservation out of San Francisco several months ago. It wasn't the best deal I've ever gotten--it was about $25 a day. I've continued to check with the hopes that it would go down, and I was relieved that I had locked it in at $25 since it had double in price. Here's the only problem: I booked the car one day late by mistake. I fly in on the 26th and my reservation is for the 27th. When I realized my mistake, Budget was going to charge me the new rate in order to change it. I decided I would rent a car for one day, drive down to Santa Cruz, then bust back up to San Francisco Sunday night and get my reserved car rental.

When I went to to book a car for just that day, guess what the cheapest ONE day car rental was?



I went to Costco to try and figure something out and the cheapest they had for me was $83.80...for an SUV. Otherwise, the cheapest car rental for that time period was $94.98.

That's just NUTS!

I'm thinking now of seeing if I can get a Greyhound bus to Santa Cruz, and then rent a car there.

$171 for a day of driving is more than my car payment each month.


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