Friday, August 15, 2008


I have a new favorite radio station on Pandora. I was watching a documentary on the Blues by Martin Scorcese and was introduced to a blues singer I had never heard of before, Son House. I started a station and have been tweaking it for awhile. It's great having play in the background when I'm bopping around working on a project. It feels like it belongs in a hip, casual and eclectic coffee house. When I listen to the station it feels like I'm hanging out in that coffee shop on a cloudy, lazy Saturday with a newspaper in my hands and the coffee shop golden retriever at my feet. It makes me think of a sleepy little town, lined with great oak trees and strewn with antique stores with floors that creak. There's a mom and pop hardware store next door, complete with all of the original fixtures and a potbelly stove.

Not bad for a radio station, if you ask me. And it delivers.

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