Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Beer and Chocolate

I went to my local store for beer aficionados and asked for a recommendation for some unusual Belgian beers. I bought four, had two decent ones last night and decided I would pop open a third one tonight. I was doubtful that I would like it, but it's now been catapulted towards the top ten beers I've tried in my life. It's a classic Belgian, with a twist--of cherries. It's brewed with cherries, and according to my local beer expert the flavor comes from the yeast that exists on the cherries which also impart a delicious sour component to the finished beer as a result of a bacterium that is present in the cherries. All I can say is yum!

It's going to be made into some chocolates, by the way. I think mixed with white chocolate ganache, then covered with dark chocolate. to have a few more sips.

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