Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm a Blues Man

I'm digging the blues...big time. All I listen to these days is my Son House station on Pandora. And the very, very cool thing is that I can stream Pandora on my iPhone! I work out in my shop and listen to the blues, or when I'm driving down to K'zoo I've got the blues playing. I love it!

Son House has an amazing voice and you can hear the depth of his humanity coming through every word he sings. I've learned a lot about the great blues artists and I'm discovering that the blues is my favorite music form. And I like the old blues--old school records with a scratchy record sound are probably the ones I like the best.

The blues make me happy.

If you haven't heard much of the blues lately, or never heard Son House before, click on my station and give it a listen.

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