Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm very pleased with these. Clockwise from the top: milk chocolate with a milk chocolate/Irish Cream filling; dark chocolate with the same filling; dark chocolate with a white chocolate/thimbleberry/raspberry port filling; dark chocolate with a Lindemann's Framboise beer/dark chocolate filling; and in the center, white chocolate with the thimbleberry/raspberry filling.


Fred said...


Dan said...

Thanks Fred! And thanks for your comments the other day too!

Kim said...

soooo.....when do we pick up samples :-) jsut kidding..I am staying away from all things such as these as delectible as they look. As it is I had a hard time limiting myself to 1 sample of each of the 2 kinds of cookies I made tonight...ended up with 2 of each....not bad tho not bad! Have a great CHristmas Dan!!!