Monday, January 19, 2009

C.S. Lewis on the Law

I always enjoy it when I find myself reading similar things from different sources. To find confirmation of an idea from Christian writers living centuries is always exciting. I recently wrote a bit on what Clement of Alexandria wrote concerning the Law, and in my reading of C.S. Lewis's letters, I found an echo of Clement.

This excerpt is from a letter to Mary Van Deusen, dated 16/12/55.

Isn't duty only a second-best to keep one going until one learns to like the thing, and then it is a duty no more? When love fulfils the Law, Law (as such) flies out of the window. Isn't that part of what St. Paul meant by being free from the Law? And of what St. Augustine meantt by 'Have charity and do what you like?'

It makes me think of Clement's comments that the Law points us to the way of the Blessed Life. The Law, far from being an obstacle is the entry into the Blessed Life. Of course none of us can fulfill the Law, apart from Christ, but need to learn to reach the point where obeying God is an expression of our love for Him, and no longer seen as overly arduous. I think that is when we will truly be able to live out God's commandments, through the grace of God.

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