Monday, February 02, 2009


So I'm on eHarmony again. Recently, in response to a comment where I mentioned that I crashed at some friends' house, a woman who held much appeal to me asked me if I crashed there because of drinking. When I told her that yes, I had been drinking, but that no, I wasn't drunk, but that indeed I have been drunk in my life, and that that I will probably be drunk again, at some point in my life, though it is a very rare occurrence, she decided to end our correspondence. Things had been going swimmingly, and we had discussed many deep and interesting topics.

I just don't get that Christian prohibition against alcohol, at all.

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Dan said...

Why is it that some women desire to "protect" men from their true feelings? I wrote this particular woman back, asking her if she had a possible mistaken notion of the role alcohol plays in my life, and explained more what it is about, and urged her to continue our correspondence. She wrote back tonight, telling me that there were other reasons, that she didn't really feel a connection with me. I'd rather hear the truth. I once had a woman in the office where I work, who I asked out, tell me that she "hadn't really decided about whether or not to date musicians or not." I saw right through that particular line of B.S., and told her right away, "Well, let me know when you make that decision, will you?" The next time I saw her, I pulled her aside and said, "You know, I've had plenty of women say no to me after asking them out. Next time, if you don't want to go out with a man, just tell him," and then walked away. This woman did the same thing. To be misled, out of a concern to save someone's feelings is something that I've always found to be the epitome of condescension.