Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tax Time

As I write this, I'm taking a break from a late night spent working on my taxes in preparation for a visit from my CPA tomorrow morning. Of course, I've waited until the literal last minute to get the work done, but I don't mind staying up late, with wine and some great tunes playing. Each year during tax season, as I go through receipts from the previous year I feel like an archaeologist, slowly unveiling the only tangible evidence of events from the previous year. As the layers of the year go by, there are memories of trips, of meals and of events that appear before me. I just stumbled on a receipt from flowers that I sent to Meg back in July. With that receipt came a flood of memories and emotions, but as I think about what this week has held, I realize that a year from now, I'll be looking at receipts from the week before Valentine's Day, 2009, and have memories of a different woman. For that, I'm grateful. And I think I'll have another glass of wine as I think about the possibilities, and the beauty that comes from the passage of time.

(Here's hoping that I'll have a huge tax return too!)

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