Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine Chocolates

I can't believe how good the raspberry chocolates are that I made tonight. I mean...they're really, really, really good. Like crazy good. I think Sarah will be a fan. I also made some blood orange/cinnamon chocolates, with Grand Marnier, using milk chocolate in the filling, in a dark chocolate mold. Blood oranges are apparently one of her favorite fruits, so I figured that was a no brainer. They need some tweaking--these turned out a little too boozy, but I think they'll be good when they sit for a day or two. The third kind is a creme de menthe chocolate that I think is an improvement over the creme de menthe chocolates I made for Christmas. When I made them for the holidays, I used only dark chocolate for the filling. This time I used 3 oz. milk chocolate and 5 oz. dark. It makes them still very intense and dark, but the milk chocolate mellows them out so they seem more "creme."

I'll finish sealing them up tomorrow, and they'll be ready to give to Sarah on Thursday, when I'll see her next.


Kim said...

ok, since you love making chocolates, and you are not likely to stop writing about them, I am gonna have to stop reading your blog...particularly when I am hungry and want chocolate. I have often been tempted to track you down through Alison or TOrey and come raid your house for those said chocolates. FOrtunately for me, I am moving very far away....so well maybe i can keep reading!

Dan said...

Where are you off to Kim? Sometimes I wish someone would come raid these darn things, so I don't eat them!

Kim said...

I am moving back to Detroit. Leaving on Sunday sometime in teh afternoon, but will probably prolong teh departure for as long as possible.