Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'm dogsitting this weekend for a couple of friends. This dog is in need of therapy...I've never met a more skittish, nervous dog. I awoke last night to the sound of her puking in my bedroom, the poor thing. (I'm fearful I'll have a permanent record of the scene of the crime). She's often whining, looking up at me with expectant eyes, and I have no idea what to do with her. Right now, thankfully she's sleeping comfortably on the living room floor.

I'm a dog lover, but without having a fenced in backyard where I can send the dog out to go do her business, I've decided I don't want a dog. Having to leash up a dog every time he or she would want to go pee is a huge deal breaker for me.

On a somewhat related note, I'm wondering how she'll manage having my buddy Steve over today, who's coming to help work on my bathroom. We'll be making noise, drilling things, and I'll be curious to see how she handles all of the noise. I'm thinking not well.

The good news is that the bathroom is going to be making some major headway this weekend.

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