Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Search Continues...

Sarah and I are no longer an item, and for that, I'm thankful. Though I was hopeful, it turned out that we would not have been a good match. She's a bit uptight, and last night, as I drove home from David and Torey's after an incident that kept me laughing in the car my entire trip home, I couldn't possibly see her laughing over what happened. I think she would have viewed my hijinks as being far too juvenile.

When I talked with her, she said that she really learned that she needs someone who's "mature" and who is as "professional" as she is. My thought in response to this was something I shared with one of my colleagues today at work: one can by playful and yet mature, or be serious and and yet be immature. Seriousness is no indication of wisdom or maturity, nor is playfulness an indication of childishness. I think she construes my playful side as immaturity, which is unfortunate. She could use a little playfulness in her life, but I for one am glad that I escaped a relationship with her.


paul (with furrowed brows) said...

It sounds like you realized that to become serious would mean a serious sacrifice to your sense of humor.

And that, my brother, is seriously depressing.

Torey said...

Hey Dan, you should tell your readers what made you giggle so hard my friend....I would, but my nostrils are still fried.