Saturday, April 04, 2009

My neighbor, Diane

I believe that I spoke with my neighbor, Diane, for the last time today. She's dying of cancer, and the doctors gave her 6-12 days to live. Today is the 12th day, and tomorrow, I'm off to Minnesota with my brass quintet. We won't be back until Good Friday. It's rare to actually know that a given moment, and a conversation, is the very last one you'll have. At least on this earth.

Please pray for her and her family this week.

I think that Holy Week is a good week to finish your journey in this world.


ali cavanaugh said...

please let us know the details of her passing. I will pray and ask St Joseph to pray for her to have a happy death. It is a wonderful week to be passing from this world to the next.

Dan said...

I will keep you posted...I haven't heard anything, so I assume she's still here with us. I hope to be able to see her one more time, at least, and hope at the same time that she doesn't suffer too much.