Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Finished Product

This is the finished oven we made this past weekend:

We all took turns doing all of the various tasks, but the four bricks on the right of the arch are my handiwork.  Apparently a restaurant in Grand Marais is thinking about buying this oven to bake their bread.  This oven will last 100 years...I think it would be great fun to go back sometime and take a look at how this thing is holding up!

Lot's more pics and stories from my trip when I return.  Right now, I'm about four or five hours west of the Bridge.  The north shore of Lake Superior is amazing!  Pictures to follow...


kkollwitz said...

This is nicely done...is going to be transported?

Dan said...

No...this one stays on site, and will be auctioned off to support the North House Folk School. We all will come back and build our own versions, which I'm excited about!