Thursday, June 18, 2009

Team PHAT!

Man, I had a great time tonight! Dave P. and I have joined forces with Team PHAT for a BBQ competition. "Team PHAT" is a name that is funny to me...I'd never have picked it, but I get a kick out of being involved. We're thinking about T-shirts with a Buddha on it eating ribs.

The captain of the team, Eric, cooked a brisket for about 20 hours or so, and I made two different sauces for the team to try. It turned out that we liked them combined together, and we've decided that this will be the perfect sauce for the brisket. I was a bit nervous about the sauces, but I was happy to hear that they liked them after all.

Our next team meeting is next Wednesday, where we'll be working on ribs and chicken.

Here's the deal: this is going to be a blast!

Oh, and I'm in charge of desserts. I brought the chocolate Guinness/Irish Cream cake tonight, and they liked it, but decided to work on a different presentation. Next week, I'm going to make some individual three berry tarts or pies, to see what we think of those.

It's all a recipe for fun.


Dan said...

Tonight was a blast!

Scott Lyons said...

When/where's the competition? How big of a competition is it?

Sounds like a ball, Dan. Of course, it goes without saying that you will be reserving some of those beverages for the cooks. But perhaps it wouldn't hurt to serve them to the tasters as well. : )

Dan said...

The competition's in GR, on July 24. It should be fun, no matter what happens!