Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I'm off tomorrow for a conference where I will be able to meet with some Godly men and women and talk about my book. I'm very excited about the prospect, and as I lie here tonight, it's strange how excited I am about this book. I'm itching to get it done, and look forward to when I actually have time to dig in again and get down on paper all of the thoughts that have been whirling through my head for the past several years. Tonight, the thought of writing this book gets me as excited as the thought of going to Cedar Point did as a kid.

Please pray for me that the conference this weekend will be beneficial, though I already know it will.

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Scott Lyons said...

Good luck, and, I hope it went well. I've been away from the machine for a couple of days, but it's good to hear of your moving forward. Let me know how it goes.