Sunday, December 06, 2009

An Interim Report

Well, I have a date set up from the Hail Mary website, with a lovely woman named Claudia. She's coming over to my side of the state for a Nutcracker performance, and probably because of the weather, and because she has bad night vision, it'll be a very long first date, since I expressed a willingness to drive over there and pick her up. Trust me, she's worth it to have a chance to get to know.

She's sort of seeing a guy right now, so it's a full court press that's on right now. I'll be making her chocolates, very soon, and recently found out what kinds she likes. There should be some at her door in about a week.

Chocolates have helped me woo one other woman--I think it's very useful in wooing a woman's heart!

I'll keep you posted...

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kkollwitz said... wife made brownies for me within a few weeks of our first date, and now we have 5 kids and a grandson.

Hard to beat meeting saves so much time & energy.