Monday, January 11, 2010

Bathroom progress? Really?

Do you remember that I was doing a bathroom remodel awhile back? Which began, oh, um, let's say, while back? If you recall, this is what the bottom layer looked like, after ripping two layers out which were on top of this.

Yesterday, I finished ripping up that layer, in preparation for a tile guy to come and do my floor, which he did today... you can see in this picture. Ladies and gentlemen, I have a tiled bathroom on the first floor of my house. Unbelievable, really. The guy's coming tomorrow to grout the floor, and then it's off to do the rest of the remodel, which won't take too long at all. This floor was a huge, massive obstacle to me. I was honestly stymied by a fear of screwing it up. The money I spent having a guy who does this every day of his life is worth every penny I will spend.


kkollwitz said...

That's civilized.

Dan said...

Why thank you! We'll see how soon it takes for the rest of the bathroom to be finished!