Friday, October 08, 2010

Random Thoughts

I had a strange and surprising dream the other day. I dreamed about Meg for some reason, and in this dream, I learned that Meg was about to get married. In my dream, this filled me with an aching feeling, and much sadness. It seems strange to me that I would dream this, after being apart for four years, far longer than the year and a half we were together. I wasn't sure what to make of it, but the feeling I had in that dream has lingered ever since. I suppose it's never possible to excise a person from your psyche. Which is probably a good thing.

On another note, I've lost 20 pounds in three weeks. This Optifast program really works, but man, I am often hungry! I've gone off the program a few times, but I'm still losing, so this is encouraging. It's nice to fit into pants that once fit, but haven't for quite some time, and soon I'll be out of XXL shirts, and back into XL...then on my way to L. God help me, I want to be an L again!

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kkollwitz said...

Wow, congratulations on your 20 pounds. My wife has lost 30 over the last 5 months or so with Weight Watchers, so I can imagine how good you must feel.