Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yesterday was 24--today is 20. That's 20 lbs. down, as of this morning. Giddy up!

I think Torey (Pilates Diva), who kicked my heiny yesterday, helped push me over the edge. That combined with my Atkins bootcamp, and I'm riding the train down the hill, baby! I was giving myself until October 1 to lose 20, but I might just lose another few before I get there. My body really responds to the Atkins Diet, but I'm not going to keep to it strictly, since the body revolts after awhile. Like today, I'm jonesin' for some broccoli. Anyway, it's a good day. I'm 25% to my goal, and 2/5 of the way to my goal of dropping 50 by New Year's.

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alison said...

Way to go, Dan! THIS is the way to respond to heartbreak.