Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bathroom Remodel To Do List

This is primarily for me. When I'm facing a project, I look to try and envision all of the steps that I'll need to go through in order to get it accomplished. So here's my personal to do list for my bathroom.

1. Prepare for lowering ceiling by adding 1 x 1's to the bottom of joists.

2. Run wire for exhaust fan.

3. Cut hole through to the outside for venting exhaust fan

4. Install exhaust fan

5. Install new drywall to ceiling

6. Tape and spackle ceiling and joint between wall and ceiling

7. Prep walls for painting

8. Paint walls and ceiling

9. Finish prepping floor for new flooring.

10. Install new backer board to subfloor

11. Install marble threshold

12. Install new tile

13. Buy and paint new wainscoating, then install.

14. Install chair railing to wainscoating

15. Replace trim pieces around door

16. Paint trim around door and windows. Hmm...I should do THAT before I paint the walls.

17. Install new light fixture

18. Build and install new medicine cabinet

19. Install toilet

20. Install sink

21. Miscellaneous, unforeseen and unavoidable issues.

We'll see if this gets done by November 1.

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