Sunday, September 30, 2007

Home Sweet Home?

I just got home from a fun trip this weekend to the U.P. with my brother Jim's family. We had a great time, and it was a shame that I had to cut it short. After the long drive back I was looking forward to getting home, but when I walked in tonight I was instantly seized with how this is really just one big empty house and how tremendously sad I still am at having lost Meg. It's still really, really hard.


paul said...

How were the pasties?

Dan said...

I tried a new place this trip--OK, though they were a tad undercooked, actually, and the dough on this one was a bit rubbery. I don't like a squishy dough on my pasties, but rather prefer a bit of substance, just so long as it's a bit flaky.

And a pasty should be manhandled, not prissy. These were made with some ruffled edges that looked far too pretty to be the stuff that miners would eat. And God forbid that they offered a turkey or veggie option. Beef, and only beef, or else it's sacrilege.

All that to say I heartily suggest you steer clear of Suzy's pasties. Blech.

I know, more than you expected, but what can I say? No one can accuse me of not having opinions on food.

paul said...

That's my boy!