Sunday, October 21, 2007

Now here's a funny story...

I almost lost an eyebrow this morning. Yup. Almost turned myself into a freakish display. Since I have the goatee, I have a beard trimmer. It gets a little double use when my eyebrows start looking like I'm trying to be Gandalf. Well, this morning seemed be the right day for a trim, so I went into the bathroom, picked up the trimmer, saw that it was on the right setting, and out of habit ripped off the guard, which I'll do when I need to do some neat trimming on my beard. Up went the trimmer right up to the edge of my right eyebrow and a cutting I went. I was a bit drowsy, but suddenly something in me yelled, "STOP!!!!!"

But not before I took a little chunk out.

It made me laugh.

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