Friday, November 16, 2007

Now this is good stuff!

In the Making

The gift, when it comes,
comes always from where
you least expect: either

from that hurt void you feel
after actual loss
or from mere absence

of a longed-for music,
from a line or a theme
you cannot seem to recall

or a phrase of a poem
you cannot complete.
But then with an instinct

born from that lack
or that need--suddenly,
out of the side

of the poem, another music
begins, another song.
And there it is on its feet,

bone of your bone and yet
free, flesh of your flesh
but not yours, a theme

like a new Eve emerging.

--Paul Murray in These Black Stars


Dan said...

I have been enjoying poetry immensely of late and this particular poet has been very meaningful. I so enjoyed the book of his that my brother loaned to me that I went to Amazon to see if he had any other collections. This was the first poem in the new book I bought. It could have been written for me.

Scott Lyons said...

Thanks for sharing this poetry, Dan. Looks like I may have to buy a book of his poetry.

alison said...

I like the rhythm of this and the message. Poetry is powerful. When I was in a funk last year it helped pull me out of the rut. It's spirit and language concentrated, truly good stuff.

And when we read things that "could have been written for me" we remember that we aren't the first to experience our pain or loss and, even more importantly, we aren't alone.

Dan said...

I'd highly recommend The Absent Fountain and These Black Stars. I just got a new one today that got a little mangled in the mail, so I'll probably be shipping it back. Regardless, I'll be posting some more of him soon I suppose, so you'll be able to sample some more of his writing.

Alison: it's definitely helping me get out of the funk. Good stuff indeed.