Thursday, December 20, 2007

Can Someone Please Call C.A.?

I'm sugared out. Somebody call Chocoholics Anonymous, will ya? All I got accomplished today was the final rochers, the almond chocolate cookie. I only have 32 of those, unfortunately. With the rest of the chocolate, I made another brittle bark. I whipped up a new batch of gelees using frozen sour cherries. The darn thing just wouldn't come out of the pan, so I heated the bottom of the pan in some hot water. I think it was a little too hot, since it sort of lost it's shape. It was a different recipe as well, and unfortunately this feels more like a thick jelly than something substantial enough to form into candies. Speaking of forming the gelees into candies, I started doing that today as well with the passion fruit and guanabana versions. I'm going to be making orange and grapefruit versions tomorrow and hopefully cut up the pomegranate and raspberry versions tomorrow. I've got a blueberry/orange version too that just tastes way to sweet so I may skip that one. I have a hankering to make a papya version too because it's a very cool orangeish/red color.

I think what I'm going to do for my colleagues is give them bags of the three barks and perhaps a box of the gelees to try. I wrapped up the three barks today for the gift bags and I think they'll be happy with them. At least I know I would. I think all I have left in me is some raspberry truffles and finishing the coconut/orange truffles. You can see a bit of the product in tht not-so-good picture above.


Sherry C said...


You are a madman.

In other news, I hit 46 and maintained it for half a dozen rounds on Free Rice today. Why is that so satisfying to me? I tell you, becuase you would understand.

Dan said...

I am a madman, but a happy madman!

I've reached the 46 nirvana as well, though haven't attained 47.

Oh, and I DO understand! I was doing it on my cellphone tonight in the Nutcracker pit. And I'm sure that will be what I do most of the time I'm not playing.

So do you plan on using siamang in a sentence anytime soon?

Sherry C said...

No, I doubt I'll be using siamang in a sentence soon, but I can tell you with conviction that it is a monkey. I need to find out how to pronounce it properly so I can use it.

I have children. It could happen.