Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Late Night Chocolate

As I'm typing, I've got sugar boiling on the stove to turn into a crunchy, caramely coating for some malted white chocolate truffles. I've already made two ganaches for truffles, one the malt ganache and another that is a coconut/orange/Grand Marnier ganache that I made at the Culinary Institute of America last year and which I think is incredibly tasty. With just these two recipes, I should have 150 individual chocolates. I figure before I'm done I'll have made about 500. Is that nuts or what?

But man, it's fun!


Sherry C said...

Malted white chocolate truffles, orange/Grand Marnier truffles.

Good Lord.

I want to see photos.

Torey said...

Yes, you're crazy AND thank God I'm a Westsider!!!!

alison said...

Uh, Thank God, I'm not! It's a good thing I won't be getting samples on a daily basis...unless I drive.