Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here's my email message from the dive company in Rincon. It sounds like fun, though I think I'd better try and learn some Spanish. I hope the divemaster can teach people in English! Plus finishing the day by doing some whale watching? How cool would that be!

I think this is going to be a great vacation. I'm glad I pulled the trigger.


For are Discover dive the price $150 .You would go out at 8.00am to the island of Desecheo,in the morning you would go snorkeling then have lunch,then the divemaster would teach you how use the diving gear for your dive .Then put you in the water ,you show the divemaster you know how use the dive gear and are ready to do your dive. Then you would do a control decent to 20-30 feet then scuba-dive for 20-30 min..whale-watching is between 4.30-6.00pm price is $35 per person call me at 1-787-823-6429 Thank you Dennis

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paul said...

Sounds like you're already there, Dan.

You are going to have such a good time.