Monday, January 07, 2008

A Reprieve

We had a reprieve from winter today. It's 62º here in west Michigan, though still decidedly dreary. It was great to not have to wear a jacket though and I actually did a little work outside since I've been having problems the past few days with a leak in the flat roof over my breakfast nook. I've had problems with it from time to time and always am able to repair it, but this time it was as if the flood gates had opened. Fortunately, with a 60º day in early January, all the snow was gone and I was able to get up there and do a proper repair. At least I hope so.

And I also took a little walk this afternoon, and broke in the pipe my brother got me for Christmas. Thanks Jim--it's a great smoking pipe.


Scott Lyons said...

You've got to give me some tips on pipes and tobacco, Dan. I bought a couple of pipes two years ago with every intention of beginning, but I've never made it there.

Dan said...

Do you still have the pipes Scott? No time like the present to get going!

Do you have a decent tobacco shop around? I don't recommend any of the commonly available pipe tobaccos--you want to go to a smoke shop and ask them about their blends instead. Ask for something mellow, and whatever smells good to you.

The key is in the packing--not too tight, but not too loose either. And then you want to make sure it's lit really well too--when you see a nice glowing flame above the tobacco, and you see that the top layer, all the way around the bowl is lit, then you can puff away. The key is to suck the flame from the match or the lighter deep into the bowl too.

You should give it a try! It makes me want to go grab mine and puff away again, but then I'd stink up the house. It smells great while you're doing it, but man, the next the place reeks!

Scott Lyons said...

I do still have the pipes. I need to find a good tobacco shop, however. They grow a different kind of weed in my neck of the woods. I'm sure I could find one within 45 minutes from here. I'll check it out.