Friday, February 01, 2008

Bad Timing

It turns out that my tempering machine probably won't arrive until Friday next week, at the earliest. It's possible that it could even arrive when I'm in Puerto Rico. The manufacturers received a defective part and so had to wait until replacements arrived. They've apparently been waiting on orders that were placed way back in December, and those naturally will go out first. Some have already shipped--but since I placed mine a few weeks ago, mine is lower down in the queue.

Kind of a bummer that I won't have this for the charity auction next week. You really need the right tools for the job to do things right, so we'll see how it goes the old fashioned way. All I know is this: it's really hard to keep chocolate within a two degree temperature range. Crazy hard.

I just got off the phone with the distributor, and they're just as frustrated as I am. This company has a complete monopoly on home tempering machines, so they make them without fear of losing market share at all. He's going to call me on Monday with a firm idea of whether or not I'll be able to have the machine in time--I told him that I'd be willing to next day air it if it could be here on Wednesday. We'll see what happens.

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