Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I think I could write for hours about my trip to Puerto Rico. There's the daily play by play to report on, with pictures of course, but there's also a desire to write about what I was able to reflect upon. When you travel solo, there's lot's of time for thinking and I feel that I gained some clarity about some things in my life in the midst of enjoying the warm weather. On top of that, I also met some fascinating people and I don't want to forget about them either.

Vacation's definitely over, however, and I'm swamped with all kinds of things. I don't know when I'll be able to sit down and put in some quality time posting about my trip. Alas, alack.

Before I go to bed, I might as well post a picture that I like quite a bit. Here's the Caribbean Sea, looking down a ramp of the Puerto Rico fortress El Murro in Old San Juan.

I'll also add this: I think the benefits of traveling to a warm climate in the dead of winter are legion. I snow blowed today and didn't mind it at all, nor have I minded the icy roads or wicked cold of yesterday. I beat winter for a week, and I took winter by surprise and escaped its icy clutches. That's empowering, and for some reason, I'm finding that I don't mind the nasty weather so much. I took control of winter, and cheated it--for a week anyway. I find that I can face winter now with smug satisfaction that I had the power to get away.

I want to do something like this every year, if I can.

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