Thursday, February 21, 2008

Prayer Request

My mom was admitted to the hospital this afternoon. They're not sure what's going on completely, but she's lost a lot of blood due to something that's amiss in her bowels (there's no real delicate way to put that, right?) She went into the ER last night and they sent her home, but she lost even more blood and her doctor told her to go back and she was admitted.

I don't have any updates, but please pray for her, as well as for my dad who I know is feeling the burden of this.

I'll keep you posted.


Dan said...

They seem to think that my mom has a wicked form of collitis, either a physiological iteration, or perhaps a wicked infection. They'll be doing a scope on her tomorrow to find out more.

Sherry C said...



alison said...

How is she today (Friday), Dan? I have been praying.

Dan said...

She came home tonight and she's doing much better. She was just shy of needing a blood transfusion however, so that's a little scary. They're awaiting the results of a biopsy, though they don't believe it's cancer (thank God). She has a mix of diverticulitis and some really bad colitis. She has some serious diet restrictions now, but she should be alright.

Thanks for the prayers everybody.

Scott Lyons said...

Continue to keep us up to date, Dan. I've been praying.