Friday, February 22, 2008

A Clean House

Thank God I have students who come to my house for lessons. If I didn't, I fear my house would forever be relegated to semi-squalid conditions, which unfortunately tends to be my wont. Today was a lesson day, which equates to cleaning day, though honestly I started a day or so ago because it was such a disaster. My house always seems to become a war zone whenever I travel for a long period of time--packing is always done last minute, and my living room becomes the staging area, filled with piles of possible stuff I might need to take here, there and everywhere.

Fortunately, the war zone has been swept away once again. It always feels so good when the house is clean. And especially now, since I found a tremendous deal on some furniture that really fits my house well. I picked it up a week ago Saturday, right before my trip to Puerto Rico when my house was a complete disaster, so I didn't get a true sense of what it felt like. Today is the first time I've seen the new furniture in a clean house and it really feels great. I walked in tonight and I found myself saying, "man, I really like my house." It feels good and I realize that my house is a place I really can enjoy (when I'm not pining for someone to share it with, of course...) It feels like these new pieces of furniture were the missing pieces of the puzzle.

My house feels like a comfortable sweater.

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alison said...

A clean home is such a gift to yourself.

I'm glad you have the built in discipline of your students.