Saturday, February 23, 2008

Old San Juan Streets and Cathedral

Well, it's about time I posted a few pictures of my trip. I think these will be coming for a few weeks. I hope to find time to write about my trip, but for now here are a few pictures of the streets of Old San Juan, a very charming city. It's streets are lined with pastel painted whitewash exteriors, adorned with wrought iron balconies. The streets are cobblestones taken from the ballast of Spanish ships hundreds of years ago.

I have always enjoyed taking pictures in churches, and the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist was no exception. I didn't have my tripod with me, so I had to improvise with how to use the camera without one. I decided to place the camera on the floor for some pictures, and then on a ledge looking straight up at the ceiling. I really enjoyed some of those pictures that I wouldn't have gotten if I actually had my tripod with me. Serendipity I suppose.

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Scott Lyons said...

Nice pictures