Sunday, March 30, 2008

Beer and Chocolate

Everyone seems to really like the Celebrator Truffles. That makes me happy! One of my buddies who was a huge taste tester when I came up with the mint chocolate explosion cookies told me that the beer truffle is the best thing I've ever made. That made me feel good, and based on the standard I've set for myself that at least one person needs to tell me each recipe is the best chocolate they've ever had, I think this one counts. Scratch two off the list.

I really enjoy the creative process involved with making these chocolates. I have a slew of ideas to try, just waiting for the time and chocolate. It's remarkably fun for me, and I'm beginning to realize that I can trust my instincts. I'm learning too that part of the creative process for me is a percolation factor of sorts. It seems necessary for me to allow ideas to run rampant through my head for a few weeks, trying different possibilities in my mind. I suppose this percolation factor could be called daydreaming, but I've realized that this is part of how I work and operate at my best. It's surprising when those thoughts pop in my head--sometimes I have eureka moments at the most random of times, and I usually know I'm on to something when I reach a point where I can't wait to get home to try a new idea. It's all very cool to see how the mind works. I think part of learning who we are is to recognize how our mind works and to trust it.

Chocolate epiphany?


Sherry C said...

Have you considered contacting the makers of Celebrator and asking them permission to use their name? I think Celebrator Truffles has a much nicer ring to it than just beer truffles.

Dan said...

You make a very good point Sherry.

Notice the change. :-)

paul, the enduring fan said...

If that's what I tasted this evening, than I celebrate the Celebrator. Yes, bravo oh meistro of note and cocoa.

Katherine said...

Or you could say "Bittersweet Stout Truffles". Mmmmm.

It really surprises me how well beer and chocolate go together. I partned with Unibroue beer to do a beer and truffle tasting once - it was amazing. Not only did we get rave reviews from our clients, but I enjoyed the pairings as well: and I'm not even a beer drinker.

Hurrah for the chocolate epiphany!

Dan said...

Paul, I'm glad you liked it...and that there was one for you to eat! They must have entrusted it to Willa for safe keeping. I'll be making these again.

Katherine, thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like you organized an evening that I would have enjoyed immensely!