Sunday, March 30, 2008

Puerto Rico

I finally got a few videos uploaded to YouTube from my trip to Puerto Rico. I've been meaning to write about the trip, but life has been way too busy. I suppose that's why you go on vacation, right? I've been going like crazy ever since I returned, but I plan to write about it...eventually.

For now, here are a few videos from my time in the El Yunque rain forest. I think this part of my trip could have been the highlight for me.

Here is a video half way up the hike to Pietro Falls. It was steep and a bit treacherous, and clearly something that wouldn't have been allowed in the states, but it was tons of fun.

Here's what it looked like at the top. I hiked up with a young family and we all had fun swimming in the pools which are naturally filled with gold dust. Pretty cool, and amazing beautiful!

This is what I did after breakfast my second day. This waterfall is literally a five minute hike from where we ate breakfast each day. That's good living!

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