Monday, March 03, 2008

Chocolate Technology

I fired up my chocolate machine for the first time tonight. It works great! Before I began making any more chocolates, I had to take care of a bowl filled with hardened chocolate that needed to be melted and retempered. I've been meaning to get the chocolate out of the bowl and into a shape a bit more practical so tonight I decided to make a 1.5 lb. milk chocolate bar as a way to break in my machine.

Two thumbs up on the machine. This machine makes the process of tempering chocolate incredibly easy and frustration free. Having made all of those chocolates for Christmas and the auction without this machine really makes me appreciate it in ways that I wouldn't had I received it when I had hoped.

The machine is going to be getting a workout soon. This week I'm going to fulfill the first request of the winner of my auction. She seems to have a yen for tea infused ganache, so I'll be making some chai tea truffles for her, dipped in dark chocolate with a few white chocolate stripes for aesthetic appeal.

Beyond that, I'd like to make a new chocolate every week to perfect my technique.

There will be lot's of chocolates to give away!

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