Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dinner, two days hence

I'm getting excited about dinner two nights from now. That's the way I operate often. I'll see a recipe, and then figure out when I'll have time to fix it, then pick up all the ingredients. I don't have time to cook it until Tuesday, but I think it will be worth the wait. And the bonus is that it's naturally low carb.

It's from a James Beard award winning cookbook I bought at the bargain bookstore that's all about using food processors. A food processor could be the most useful tool in anyone's kitchen but few people tap into its full utility. If a cookbook gets the stamp of approval from the James Beard Foundation, you know that it will feature great recipes and that the techniques will be ones you can bank on. As I thumbed through it, a recipe for a sweet red pepper and leek flan caught my eye and that's what I'll be cooking for dinner Tuesday.

It calls for slow roasting the peppers and leeks for at least an hour, adding some garlic, chicken broth and cream, then combining all of that with eggs and cooking it like you would a custard. I think it will be very tasty, and I'm going to be testing this out as a starter for any dinner parties I might be having sometime soon.

Since I'm thinking about eggs, I might make a cheese souffle for dinner tonight.

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