Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maria Grace, Easter 2008

I took a few videos this Easter too, and Jim and Kara's youngest daughter, Maria Grace, seemed to be in the spotlight. You can see her trucking along in this first video, just barely making it in the snow. I asked her a question at the end of the video, and she gave me an unequivocal yes in response.

Here's another video of her, hunting out another egg.

And yet one more...I think she's just adorable.


Torey said...

These videos are sooooooo cute!
Ren and I watched all of them.
Ren thinks they are awesome! Then she just checked to make sure I wrote it down correctly.
Your laughing in it is so sweet.
She's a cutie pie.

alison said...

She's adorable.

Dan said...

I'm glad you and Ren enjoyed them...I still crack up at the bottom one, where her little voice cracks when she says, "I found!" It kills me.

I gave her a ride after she kept falling in the snow, and helped point out some eggs. I got some points for that--apparently when they were driving home she was throwing a bit of a tantrum because she wanted to see her Uncle Dan. I made a baby cry...because she loves me. :-)