Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I saw one of my friends at work today, sitting in the corner where she usually sits, reading a book. As is my wont, I sidled up to her and asked her what she was reading. This is the book she showed me:

Considering my belief that the best answer to suffering that can be found is found in the words, life and teaching of Christ, I have to think that this wasn't a coincidence. It's kind of exciting actually--we had a stimulating conversation, and I hope to follow up with her, keenly aware of the fact that no one has been argued into the kingdom. I'm just going to tell her what I believe, that's all. I'm going to pray, sit back, and see if God can use me in her life. That's exciting.

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Dan said...

As I think about this more, the beautiful thing is that if God is calling this woman to himself, (and we know he is) I don't need to worry about a thing. I just need to be available, and ask that God would give me the wisdom to say what he wants me to say, with a voice of charity that isn't interested in arguing. I think the most compelling thing is always our own story, not whether or not we'd win in debate class.